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The hidden function of the car remote control.

1. Help function
There is usually a horn pattern on the car key. Many people don't know what this function does. In fact, it has multiple functions. The first is the help function. If you find that someone is destroying your vehicle. You can press this button at this time. Send out an alarm signal. If you find a bad person, you can also press this button to call the police for help, through which you can successfully get help from others around you. Sometimes it can save lives and reduce accidental injuries.

2. Turn off the car windows after turning off
After stopping the car and turning off the engine, I found that the windows were forgotten to close. Many drivers only know to re-ignite and close the windows. In fact, many models can close the windows by pressing and holding the close button on the remote control key! Of course, if your vehicle does not have this function, you can install an automatic lifter, which can also be realized by remote control of the car key.

3. Find a car in the parking lot
Find car function If your car is in the parking lot and you can't find the parking place for a while, you can press this horn-like button or the lock button to clearly hear the sound of the car. This helps you find the car faster.

4. Automatically open the trunk
There is a button for opening the trunk on the remote control key of the car. Long press the unlock button for the trunk (in some cars, double-click), the trunk will automatically pop up! If you happen to have large or small luggage in your hand, just press the car key lightly and the trunk will pop open, which is very convenient! There is also a special situation. Don’t be afraid of 10,000, but just in case, if you encounter a car falling into the water, a car accident, and the door cannot be opened, you can press this button to open the trunk to escape.

5. Open the window remotely
This function is especially practical in summer. It can dissipate heat to the car that has been exposed to the hot sun before getting on the car! Come try your car key, press and hold the unlock button for a few seconds, will all 4 windows open?

6. Only open the cab door

In some cars, you can open the door of the cab by pressing the remote control key to open the door; pressing it twice will open all 4 doors. Specifically, if your car has such a function, you can consult the 4S shop; if so, go to the settings and call the function.