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The function of the smart home system

Smart home system is a kind of living environment for people. It takes residence as the platform and is equipped with smart home system to realize safer, energy-saving, intelligent, convenient and comfortable family life. Take the residence as the platform, integrate the facilities related to home life by using generic cabling technology, network communication technology, smart home - system design scheme, security prevention technology, automatic control technology and audio and video technology, build an efficient management system for residential facilities and family schedule affairs, and improve the safety, convenience, comfort and artistry of the home, And achieve an environment-friendly and energy-saving living environment.

Smart home system allows you to enjoy life easily. When you are away from home, you can remotely control your home intelligent systems through telephone and computer, such as turning on the air conditioner and water heater in advance on the way home; When you open the door at home, with the help of door magnet or infrared sensor, the system will automatically turn on the aisle light, open the electronic door lock, remove the security, and turn on the lighting lamps and curtains at home to welcome you back; At home, you can easily control all kinds of electrical equipment in the room by using the remote control. You can select the preset lighting scene through the intelligent lighting system to create a comfortable and quiet study when reading; Create a romantic lighting atmosphere in the bedroom... All this, the owner can sit on the sofa and operate calmly. A controller can remotely control everything in the home, such as pulling curtains, discharging water to the bath and automatically heating, adjusting the water temperature, and adjusting the state of curtains, lights and sound; The kitchen is equipped with a video phone. You can answer and make calls or check the visitors at the door while cooking; When working in the company, the situation at home can also be displayed on the office computer or mobile phone for viewing at any time; The door machine has the function of taking photos. If there are visitors when there is no one at home, the system will take photos for you to inquire.