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The feature of the smart home

1. Establish smart home platform system through home gateway and its system software(smart home)
Home gateway is the core part of smart home LAN. It mainly completes the conversion and information sharing between various communication protocols of home internal network, as well as the data exchange function with external communication network. At the same time, the gateway is also responsible for the management and control of home intelligent devices.

2. Unified platform(smart home)
With computer technology, microelectronics technology and communication technology, the home intelligent terminal integrates all the functions of home intelligence, so that the smart home is built on a unified platform. Firstly, the data interaction between the home internal network and the external network is realized; Secondly, it is also necessary to ensure that the instructions transmitted through the network can be recognized as legal instructions, rather than the illegal intrusion of "hackers". Therefore, home intelligent terminal is not only the transportation hub of family information, but also the "protector" of information family.

3. Realize interconnection with home appliances through external expansion module(smart home)
In order to realize the centralized control and remote control functions of household appliances, the home intelligent gateway controls household appliances or lighting devices with the help of external expansion modules in a wired or wireless manner according to a specific communication protocol.

4. Application of embedded system(smart home)
In the past, the vast majority of home intelligent terminals were controlled by single chip microcomputer. With the increase of new functions and the improvement of performance, the embedded operating system with network function and the control software program of single chip microcomputer with greatly enhanced processing capacity are adjusted accordingly to organically combine them into a complete embedded system.