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The development trend of the smart home

Environmental control and safety code(smart home)
The purpose of the construction of smart home itself is to provide people with a safe and comfortable living environment. However, the current intelligent home system shows many deficiencies in this aspect, because the development of smart home in the future will inevitably carry out improvement work in this aspect, and run this concept through all systems in home life, such as audio-visual equipment Temperature control, safety control, etc. in this regard, we should also complete the tasks of remote and centralized control, so as to ensure that the whole home life reflects the characteristics of more humanization.

Application of new technology in new fields(smart home)
In the future development process of smart home, in order to adapt to the development situation at that time, it is bound to integrate with new technologies that have not been combined with it. The angry development of new communication technologies such as IPv6 will play an important role in promoting it, and the control of smart home will trigger a new trend in the development of IT industry; In addition, after the smart home system is improved, it can be applied in a commercial atmosphere, so as to broaden its application scope. This situation will lead to a large-scale expansion of the smart home market.

Combined with smart grid(smart home)
In China, the construction of smart grid has its fundamental needs. It will provide various intelligent facilities and services for the whole house. In the process of providing services for power, it can also form a penetration effect on the smart home network. If users using smart grid are also enjoying the services of smart home, Then his demand is that an effective close communication can be established between the two, and the actual and effective management can be carried out after the overall planning of various information combined with smart home and smart grid.