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The existing problem of the smart home

(1) Develop standards for smart homes. The essence of the standard dispute is the market dispute. Many years ago, developed countries had the concept and standard of smart home. At that time, the standard focused on security. With the development of communication technology and network technology, the traditional construction industry and it industry had a deep integration, and the concept of smart home could be truly developed. China's living environment is different from that of developed countries. China's concept of intelligent community and its implementation standards have strong Chinese characteristics. After China's entry into WTO, China's industry management is in line with international standards, taking industry associations as the leader to promote the standardization process, and strengthening industry management will be the focus in the future.

(2) Product standardization of the smart home-- the only way for industry development.
At present, there are many home intelligent control system products in China. It is estimated that there are hundreds of varieties, ranging from small companies with three or five people to state-owned enterprises with thousands of people. Some people are involved in the R & D and production of home intelligent products. As a result, hundreds of incompatible standards have emerged in China. So far, there is no home intelligent control system product that can occupy 10% of the domestic market. With the intensification of market competition, most small and medium-sized enterprises will be forced to withdraw from this market, but their products installed in local communities will have no spare parts for maintenance. Of course, the victims are owners or users. This will be a very terrible scene. It can be seen that promoting the standardization process is the only way and urgent task for the intelligent industry.

(3) Personalization of the smart home - the life of home intelligent control system.
In the mode of public life, home life is the most personalized. We can't agree on everyone's family life with a standard program, but can only adapt to it. This determines that personalization is the life of home intelligent control system.

(4) Home appliances of the smart home -- the development direction of home intelligent control system.
Some home intelligent control products have become home appliances, and some are becoming home appliances. The "network appliances" launched by it manufacturers and home appliance manufacturers is the product of the combination of network and home appliances.