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The coding method of the garage door remote

There are two types of coding methods(garage door remote) commonly used in radio remote control, namely fixed code and rolling code. Rolling code is an upgraded product of fixed code. Rolling coding method is used in all occasions with confidentiality requirements.

The rolling code coding method has the following advantages:(garage door remote)
1. Strong confidentiality, automatically change the code after each launch, and others cannot use the "code detector" to obtain the address code;(garage door remote)

2. The coding capacity is large, the number of address codes is more than 100000 groups, and the probability of "duplicate code" in use is very small;(garage door remote)

3. It is easy to code, the rolling code has the function of learning and storage, does not need to use a soldering iron, can code on the user's site, and a receiver can learn up to 14 different transmitters, which has a high degree of flexibility in use;(garage door remote)

4. The error code is small. Due to the advantages of coding, the error action of the receiver when it does not receive the local code is almost zero.(garage door remote)

The coding capacity of fixed codes is only 6561, and the probability of repeated codes is very high. Its coding value can be seen through solder joint connection or obtained by "code interceptor" on the use site. Therefore, it does not have confidentiality. It is mainly used in occasions with low confidentiality requirements. Because of its low price, it has also been widely used.(garage door remote)