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How to copy the garage door remote

Because most garage door remote controllers and receiving parts in the market are of fixed code and learning code types, this makes it possible to use a simple copy method - copy with a copy remote controller, while for a rolling code remote controller and receiving part, a special copy machine (such as remocon hcd900) is required, And the types of products copied successfully are also limited. Generally speaking, the copying process of the copying remote controller is divided into two steps. The first step is code clear to remove the learned pairing relationship. The second step is code copy to learn the coding operation through simple operation. The specific steps are as follows:

Step 1(garage door remote)
Press and hold the two B and C buttons on the top of the remote control at the same time. At this time, the LED flashes and goes out. After about 2 seconds, the LED flashes, indicating that the original address code has been cleared. At this time, press all the buttons briefly, and the LED flashes and goes out.

Step 2 (garage door remote)
Keep the original remote control and the learning remote control as close as possible, and press and hold the key to be copied and a key of the learning remote control. Generally, it takes only 1 second to flash quickly, which indicates that the address code of this key has been learned successfully, and the other three keys on the remote control are operated in the same way.

Generally speaking, self learning copy remote(garage door remote) can copy most remote controls on the market