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The working principle of the garage door remote(1)


The garage door remote is automatically controlled by microcomputer program, which is easy to use. The garage door remote can operate automatically according to the remote control. There is scientific base. There is a built-in torsion spring. The torsion of the garage door remote is equivalent to the weight of the door body, so that the door body is in the "zero weight" state, and runs by pulley in the track, so the resistance is small, maintenance free direct current motor, strong power, stable operation, ring transformer and planetary gear switch, Hall element sensing, pulse. Take zhongqida garage door as an example. The garage door remote needs to be supported by a motor, but the current used is also what we often call AC. Friends who have studied physics will know that this working principle requires positive and negative electrodes to be connected to the power supply. If the motor rotates in the positive direction, the garage door will rise and vice versa.