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The working principle of the garage door remote(2)

In the design of garage door remote, wireless remote control circuit and Hall sensor are used to control the motor through single chip microcomputer to realize various functions of automatic garage door. The infrared transmitting signal source, the sensor receives the signal, and the weak point turns on the control system. The motor of the working part drives the gear to roll up the rolling shutter door. When it is put down, the motor reverses. As long as the motor plus the drive sprocket, plus the control part.

At the same time, there is an ultrasonic switch in the garage door remote. In fact, one section belongs to ultrasonic induction. When your car smoothly enters this range, it will touch the driving.

The garage door remote also includes two upper and lower limit switches. When the lower limit switch is touched, its state will change. It will be activated from closed state to open state, and the upper limit is the same principle.