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The button function of the garage door remote

The functions of the four buttons on the garage door remote may be different for various models. Generally, the keys on the garage door remote basically include: open the door lock, close the door lock, open the anti-theft alarm to enter the working state, and release the working state of the alarm. Some remote controllers have five keys and one more trunk lock remote opening key.

Usually, the original remote control key of the garage door remote have three buttons, namely, open the door, lock the door and trunk.

According to the functions of the vehicle(garage door remote), some windows (including skylight) will be opened automatically when the door is opened by long pressing the door open key; Long press the door lock key to automatically close the windows of the whole vehicle. Press the door lock key twice continuously to enable the anti-theft alarm device while locking the door;

If the garage door remote lock is added later, there is no comprehensive function. In addition to the door locking and door opening buttons, only a few more buttons can be added to realize their added functions, such as adding alarm buttons, discharge buttons, remote ignition buttons, etc