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What can you do if you lost the garage door remote

Can the garage door remote control be equipped?
For this question, answer is that it can be matched. Please rest assured. Generally, when you choose a house to move in, the manufacturer of garage door has a cooperative relationship with the property. Therefore, if the remote control of the electric garage door is lost or can not continue to be used, resulting in great inconvenience to life and travel, you can directly find the property and ask the property to help contact the garage door manufacturer. Generally, manufacturers know how to remove the code of the original garage and then replace it with a new code for customers to use. In this process, they usually enter the remote control headquarters program of the garage with a new garage door remote control and start decoding. After decoding, they start to change to a new code.

How to equip the garage door remote control?
There are many ways to configure the garage door remote control. I will introduce two methods here. The first method is to find the manufacturer of the garage door, explain the situation to them, and provide you with relevant materials for purchasing their garage door. Generally, the manufacturer of the garage door will replace you with a new set of garage door remote control and transmitter.