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The use and service of the smart home(1)

1. (smart home)Always online network service, connected to the Internet at any time, provides convenient conditions for working at home.

2. Security of the smart home: intelligent security can monitor the occurrence of illegal intrusion, fire, gas leakage and emergency call for help in real time. Once an alarm occurs, the system will automatically send an alarm message to the center, and start relevant electrical appliances to enter the emergency linkage state, so as to realize active prevention.

3. Intelligent control and remote control of household appliances(smart home), such as scene setting and remote control of lighting, automatic control and remote control of electrical appliances, etc.

4. Interactive intelligent control(smart home): the voice control function of intelligent appliances can be realized through voice recognition technology; The active action response of smart home is realized through various active sensors (such as temperature, sound, action, etc.).